Author: Antonia Banyard

Thank you from Timothy Ng’umbi!


15TH FEBRUARY , 2021.

Dear sponsors,

I great you in the name of God, I hope that you are all doing fine there and am wishing you a happy 2021. As for me here, I’m fine.

I want to say thank you for the support you have given me through out my education because if it wasn’t for your support, I could not have reached this far in my education.

I want to tell you that I’m very happy to be counted as one of the learned people in the society, and this has been possible only through the support you were giving me.

I completed the course I was doing for primary teachers diploma, at Charles Lwanga college of education last year in December and I’m just waiting for the results to come out.

May you continue with the good work that you are doing because it helps in transforming the life sytle of struggling people to the better.

Yours sincerely, TIMOTHY NG’UMBI.

“Appreciations” from Iven Moonga!

In line with the attached ‘end of five-year study Report’ which I wrote and sent to you earlier this year, I’m gladly writing with joy confirming my successful completion of my Bachelor of science in nursing (BSc. N)  program under your sponsorship.

I started my studies at Rusangu University on the 15th January 2015 and managed to complete within the period of five years. On 06th December 2019, I wrote my last University examination which marked the end of my five-year study program and waited for my graduation the following year.

As of yesterday 06th September 2020, we had our virtual graduation which was televised on Hope channel, Diamond TV, Live on Facebook and also made available on YouTube. Though conducted online due to the Corona virus pandemic, I together with other graduands were still able to travel to school where we collected our graduation gowns and took few pictures together.

 I personally appreciate your patience and confidence you entrusted me with that I would be able to obtain such a great achievement and make you and my family proud.  I and my family are really thankful for the lifetime empowerment of knowledge and skills which would not have been possible without your financial aid. What I have become today will remain my lifetime inheritance and support which I will always live to remember. Through the knowledge and skills imparted on me, I will be able to support my family and carry on my plans of furthering my studies.

I wish you the best even as you continue reaching out to the most financially debilitated children with the passion to learn here in Africa and elsewhere. God bless you.

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