Good morning Sir/Madam,
I hope this later finds you in good health. With me here all is well.
I apologize for the late response to your later. I have been writing
end of term exams throughout the past week and had no time to visit
the internet café to update you on the information you needed.
Nevertheless, today have managed to sit and type this later to you.
I count it a blessing to be a member and student of a mission
institution like Rusangu University as the education offered is
comprehensive. The grading system that the school uses is of American standard and this renders us the competence that other students from surrounding institutions may not have.  It is not just on the academic aspect where we are being shaped but also benefiting socially, and most important spiritually.
My experience with Livingstone Central Hospital was awesome and beneficial. This being a Second Level Hospital in the country, it gave me an opportunity to operate a number of different advanced equipments for advanced and high risk procedures hence made me learn and acquire quite some useful skills needed for my career.
It is good to hear that you have started fundraising for 2019, I pray that God grants you good health and stabilize you economically that you should continue seeing us through our academics and we really appreciate for the past years of consistent sponsorship up to this level of education that we have reached, thank you.
Throughout the little experience I have had from the hospitals I have gone to, I have found more interest working in two areas; the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the Operating Theatre departments and I realize this is where exactly my passion lies, I do best in these two areas and this has made me make up my minds to specialize in any of these areas later when I’m done with my General nursing.
It has been of great joy Entering my last year of study despite thevchallenges that come along with it. The higher I go the tougher, more involving and challenging the courses become. We started with quite a high total number of students in my intake of more than 50 but today as I speak, we are less than half of the initial number. Majority have not made it to thrive up to today and left for other institutions which have lower grading systems so that they can complete their studies within the shortest period of time and prevent their sponsorships coming to an end before they are done with studies. On my part it hasn’t been so easy as well to clear courses but by the grace
of God I have been able to be passing and reach this level I have
reached today. Coming from a family that cannot support me financially has made me to be dependent on the k1500 which you give me for food. The university sells meals at K15 each and I’m expected to be in school for 88 days in a term, this puts it clear that I have to go some days without food for me to be able to reach the end of one quarter. It is from this same money that I have to keep a certain amount for printing out my assignments and be able to buy modules for my studies.  This has been one of the most debilitating hardships that I face in school.
With deployment difficulties that every zambian graduate faces upon marching out of the University, I feel the best way to go about this is, to offering myself at a nearest health centre at home and work as volunteer for two or three years as this is the only way I can be noticed, recognized and hasten up permanent employment by the government. At the same time, I will constantly be applying for a job with the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) such as the Maryland,
Ciderz and other existing Health organizations. Otherwise I really have fear for the future where deployment is concerned.
Thank you for sponsorship and God bless.
Iven Moonga