Food Aid

In 2019, we provided emergency food aid to people in the town of Monze, as well as those villages surrounding the Moorings farm nearby. Through our contacts in Zambia, we have identified those who are in the greatest need and have nowhere else to turn. At this time, we are focussing on supplying food to seniors and school children. We anticipate that during the dry season of 2020, more food aid will be needed.

Malambo Grassroots distributed soap and water buckets to villagers to protect them against COVID-19.

In March, 2020, we started to help Zambians protect themselves from COVID-19. 

We support rural villagers, seniors, and children to protect themselves from the virus by distributing soap and educating them on good hygiene. We’re also supporting women (including seamstresses from our Malambo Women’s Club) who are sewing face masks.

Women from the Malambo Women’s Club demonstrate how they make face masks.