Since 1992, the education of women and children has been one of our top priorities.

For Malambu Basic Elementary School, we have:

* built a school kitchen,
* built drop toilets for students,
* planted trees on school grounds,
* repaired the original 2-room government school built in the mid-1940s,
* helped to build and stock school rooms with books and kitchen supplies,
* put together funds for: pencils, books, chalkboards, desks for students, tables and chairs for teachers,
* developed a library, helped to stock a computer room
* built housing for teachers,
* and started a pre-school.

For St. Vincent de Paul Community School (in Monze) we have:

* provided scholarships for students who have continued on to secondary and tertiary schooling,
* donated a piano,
* planted trees on school grounds,
* funded the construction of a water tank for the school vegetable garden,
* put together funds for textbooks as well as a library,
* funded the purchase of a cooking pot large enough to feed the school’s 300+ students,
* provided funds for the school’s chicken house, where they rear chickens for food or to sell,
* supplied computers,
* and provided food aid as needed.

For Kalulumba School (in Siavonga), we have:

* helped bring water to the school and community,
* and donated basic school supplies and art materials.