Dear Friends,

We hope you enjoyed our recent Malambo Grassroots update. In the newsletter, we spoke of our upcoming Tilt campaign for 2017. Here are the details!

This year we are fundraising again for our elementary, secondary and tertiary scholarships programs which support nearly 50 students! As well, we hope to expand our music scholarship program at Ngoma Dolce Music Academy to allow more young Zambians to pursue their passion. On top of that ambitious goal, we have our sights set on two women’s workshops this year. The theme will be financial inclusion and will focus on Zambian Women Artists, culminating in a National Exhibition and retrospective of the last 25 years of women’s art in Zambia! These workshops often have over 40 women attend. To run these workshops, funds are needed to cover Zambian Facilitators, a workspace, and art supplies.

A bit more detailed information on school costs:

How much does it (approximately) cost to keep a child in school in Zambia?

For us to help a grade 8 student for one year: $ 200
schoolGrade 9: $290
Grade 10: $430
Grade 11: $520
Grade 12: $520
College: $1100 – $1500
University: $3000 – $4000

For Ngoma Dolce Music Academy, lessons are approximately $15CAD and students have up to 50 lessons per year plus workshops, at an annual fee of $750CAD.

We would be so grateful for your help in realizing these goals!

mural-2Despite the challenges our students face every day ~ drought, lack of food, rolling power outages, unstable currency, lack of educational equipment ~ our students continue to amaze us with their positivity and determination.

When we first connected with St. Vincent de Paul in 2010, our elementary school for orphaned and underprivileged children, we invited the children to paint a mural on the outside of the school. It was an opportunity for us to get to know each other and for many of the children to paint for the very first time. Two of those children Timothy and Mutinta are now in grade 11 and 12 respectively thanks to our scholarship program, and we couldn’t be more proud of them. And this year our first three university scholars will graduate! Such an incredible achievement for these students, and it’s all thanks to you, our wonderful donors!


As you know, we are 100% volunteer, so your entire donation goes to help those we work with! Any amount is greatly appreciate! A donation of $10 £10 €10 can have a significant impact on our students lives and the communities that we support.

If you would like to donate to Malambo Grassroots programs, a member project of Rose Charities Canada, please join our Tilt campaign here! When contributing, you’ll be asked to enter your name, email, and create a new password. It’s simple and fast!

Our Tilt campaign is active until December 24, 2016.

rug-hookingOnce you’ve donated, please help spread the word of our Tilt campaign. The more people that learn of our students and communities in Zambia, the more chance we have of being able to continue all of our programs!

Tilt does not provide tax receipts. If you are Canadian and would like a tax receipt for donations of $25 or more, please donate by cheque or through our website.

Thank you again for your support!

With gratitude,
The Team at Malambo Grassroots