Tree planting

In January 2020, we started planting trees, a mixture of fruit and indigenous trees, on the grounds of local schools. We have also planted in the four villages surrounding Moorings farm: Mujigga, Kayuni West, Kayuni East, and Malambu. By March 2020, we’d planted 600 trees.

Our in-country partners, the owners of the tree nurseries, and the conservation officer in Monze train Zambians about the value of trees and water-efficient ways to plant and care for them. They visit the schools and villages to monitor that the trees are being cared for properly.

Our core tree-planting team.
From left to right: Malambo Grassroots’ Rabson Kambwali, conservation farming officer Actress Musumali, and nursery owners Ignatius Mpile and Gideon Moonga

The goal of our tree-planting project is to mitigate the impact of future droughts (which could become an increasingly frequent trend) and to help the local villagers become more resilient during times of hardship.

Rabson Kambwali of Malambo Grassroots interviews two owners of tree nurseries, Ignatius Mpile and Gideon Moonga, and Monze’s conservation agriculture officer, Actress Musumali.