Gratitude to Malambo grassroots for the support during the year 2018

St. Vincent de Paul has been one of the beneficiaries of the school fees scholarship for primary and basic school going children.

We have managed this scholarship since 2011 and it has since supported 10 secondary school children with fees as well over 40 pupils from the primary section. Of all these are orphans and vulnerable.

  • Some of pupils at the secondary section have dropped out of school due to family factors. Out of the 12 pupils supported by the scholarship fund, two brothers and one girl by the name of Linda Moonga  dropped out after failing to go to the senior level. The two brothers are Emmanuel Bulungi and Maliwa Bulungi.
  • Two of the eight pupils completed grade 12. These are Mutinta Munsaka and Timothy Ngumbi. Timothy is current at the college of Education pursuing primary Diploma.
  • The remaining  secondary school going pupils, three of them are in grade 12 this year 2019 and will be completing in December. Chabota has just been accepted to grade 10.
  • Juunza is in grade 12 at Monze secondary school
  • Chabota is in grade 10 this year 2019 at Manungu secondary school
  • John is  grade 12 at Monze secondary school. Danny and Liswaniso are missing in the pictures but they are also in grade 12 at Manungu secondary school.





The fund also support two young men at the tertiary level. These are Kalaluka  Chrispin who is study art at the University of Zambia and Chimuka Ngilazi who is studying Religious Eduaction, Civic Education and guidance and counseling Techenical vocational training college. He will be completing in April 2019.

At primary we are also paying for fees for the following children:

Clare Mwale is grade 7: ORPHAN

Margaret is is grade 6: ORPHAN

Brenda in grade 3. She is an orphan










Maureen is grade 6 and is an orphan

Twaambo is grade 7. Very vulnerable

Dorcas mwango is grade 6. Very vulnerable.










Benny is grade 6. Double orphan

Choolwe is a poor boy in grade 6










Other supports

Toni and family, MaryLee and friends have been very supportive in a number of ways. Last year we received massive support through family and friends. With this help we managed to to do the following:




We purchased books for the children and we are very happy and content. Thank you so much.

We have extended the poultry for local chickens and we have 132.

We are yet to finalise our water system in the course of the year.


The school has started some mothers club called Tugwasyane club(let us help each other) mother just completed their four months training in tailoring so that they could be doing a variety of things for sale so that a percentage will be given to the school for payment of fees for their children and the rest it will be for their sustenance at home.

The school is also helping children to develop skills and during the holiday the teachers with our scholarship pupils did the painting of our school kitchen


We have continued with income generating projects. Local Chickens , broiler chicken, small tuck shop.

This year our pupils did very well in their grade 7 exams. We scored 98%pass rate. Thank you for your support.

Finally I am appreciating all our friends and families who are support our poor children.hey have been made better because of your love. Thank you Heidi, Jocelyn, Toni ,all our friends, Mary lee, Louie and families. Thank you

Prepared by:

Sr. Lontia Siakalambwa

Head teacher