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Catherine’s Run for Malambo Grassroots!

We’ve put all of Catherine’s posts into one spot for you to read all about her training for her amazing feat of running 50km for Malambo Grassroots! We can’t thank you enough, Catherine!

January 28

Remember Catherine? Our fearless runner who ran a marathon for Malambo Grassroots in October 2011 ?
Well, she is at it again! On March 16th 2013, Catherine will be running her first ULTRA run for Malambo Grassroots….the Chuckanut 50kms in Washington State. We’ll be posting updates from her training, and reporting about the big day! In the meantime, read more here.
Thank you for your support Catherine and good luck!

February 6

A training update from Catherine…well, sort of….

“A small step back…..

With regards to this week’s training, not much to say really. A disappointing slow week due to a pulled calf muscle last Sunday. Stayed off the legs all week, just did some cross training in the pool, then went for a slow run on Saturday. Calf seems to be healing, so I’ll let it rest a little more before I really up the mileage again! Murphy, number one pooch training partner, is getting antsy, so some morning runs this week in the forests of North Vancouver will be delightful. With the run a little under 6 weeks away, I don’t need Murphy to remind me that we need to run! Keep you posted.”

February 15

The training is back on! The latest update from Catherine…

“Did a 3 hour run up in the mountains last Friday morning at 8am with some friends and the dog. All went super well until horrible knee issue after around 25kms Bit sad and annoyed but there are things I can try to curb the pain so I can go finish! Will keep you posted on that. Murphy was a star the whole way and was ready for another three hours.
Unfortunately I was so tired at the end of the run that I forgot to ask my mate to take some pics!
The training continues though…doing 2 shorter runs this week….but the next super long one, 4 hours, is next week. Stay tuned!”

Thanks Catherine, and take care of those knees!

March 1

It’s March…and that means Catherine’s run is soon! Read on for her latest training update!

“Training is going well and after a 3 hour run in the mountains of North Vancouver on Friday…good news…my knee was fine! Besides the knee issue the fitness is good so let’s hope I get round in one piece. It seems some muscles in my right hip are what’s causing the knee cap to slide right which causes the knee pain. So massage and some very contorted stretching have been helping…fingers crossed.
Building up some quad muscles this weekend on a ski trip and some cross training in the pool on Thursday. Just two and a half weeks to go. Wish me luck “

March 11

With less than a week to go before the big day, Ultra-Marathoner Catherine shared some points on her pre-race routine!

“Here are my trusty shoes that will get me through the mountainous run comfortably, laces crossed! These, along with all the other race needs, are laid out the night before the big day –including as many energy gels that will possibly fit in my pockets to sustain me for the run! Pasta for dinner the night before racing and then on race day, I will wake up around 4.30 to eat bagel, peanut butter, banana and lots of coffee. Any other tips are accepted and appreciated!”

March 14

Runners often taper their training leading up to race day. Here is a photo of Catherine and her training partner resting up before Saturday!

And, Catherine’s final pre-race report…

“Had an easy run together [with trusty partner!] around town for an hour. Doing a light run today and then some swimming tomorrow just to loosen up the muscles and nerves. Then it’s up and go on Saturday morning to cross the US border at 6am. Race start at 8am after bib pick up. Fingers crossed the knee holds and we should be fine….until the end of course!”

Good luck Catherine! We’re all cheering for you!

March 21

After some rest and recovery, we have a post-race report from Catherine!

“So the run was a success. 7 1/2 hours of madness and actually quite a lot of fun!! Except for the last 10kms the race was great. After 3 hours the heavens opened and a torrential downpour accompanied my friend Doug and I for the rest of the run. With the rain came serious amounts of mud which made the many climbs and descents all the more interesting. The last 10kms was just mentally tough…head down…plod till the finish.
Just wanted to thank everyone for their support. It was amazing and it kept me pushing through to the end. xxxxx'”

Congratulations, Catherine. What an amazing run. Thank you so much!

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