A letter from Mweemba Matonga!

“Here is a the information  about my coming  into this program.
I went to school with a friend of mine Emmanuel Makoye at senior secondary school. The time I finished school I asked how he did manage to go to college to do Marketing and I was told of the program being ran in the farm about Mwabuka Zambia association and that someone needed  to work in the farm for some time and should have relatives who are workers in the farm.

When I heard that I thought of trying because I am coming from a not well-to-do family and having had problems  with completing my secondary school because of finances.when I reached at the farm,I first  met with Madam Marylee who I talked to and she tried to look for where to place me so I could work but then to no avail. After some time, when I went to check as to whether  she had found where to place me she referred me to Madam Heidi who I personally  talked to over how I loved school and that I wanted to do banking and finance and shared that I had a problem of where to get funding.

From that day she called me after two weeks and we had similar discussion including reasons  why I wanted to banking and finance.

After that, Madame Marylee  called me informing me that money was sent for my school and thats how I started school.

In the process I become the best student in one of the  subjects and graduated as the best student in my banking  and finance diploma course in Zambia.

When I finished banking and finance diploma  I asked if I could done a degree in financial services and luckily I was offered help and now am a third year second semester student of bachelor’s degree in financial services and intended to graduate next year December.

Currently  school is going on well and will be writing  exams in June. My future plans are that after am done with my bachelor’s degree in financial services next year June, I do my masters degree in 2018 possibly if graduate with a distinction as I intended and be able to do something thereafter.

My goals are that, I would want to help people  that will be in the state  I was of no financial muscle to take them to school and many more works as i have learnt a lot from you and that people you have no relationship  with helps a lot compared  to the relatives  sometimes..

This is briefly what I can say otherwise have no many words except lots of appreciation.

Well good to hear from you and I am very well.”