The staff of St. Vincent De Paul community , these are men and women who works tirelessly to bring up the standards of the children in St. Vincent . Names standing from left: Francis, Royd, Gillian, Sr. Lontia, Maureen, Namoonga, Jameson Seated: left Matiana, Nchimunya and Casina. We worked hard many times under very challenging situations but we always desire the best for our children.

The children are reciting poems on St. Vincent Day. It is a day we remember our patron saint, St. Vincent De Paul, and it falls on the 27th of September each year. We have Mass on this day.

Our priest, Fr. Clement, during the Mass celebration, blessed the grade 7s who were preparing to write the national exams on the 13th of October to the 17th of October 2014.

New adventure starts from here. This was a poultry house and we used to keep chickens for the school project. We decided to turn one of them into a school library because we desperately needed a library where children could be spending time reading and writing.


The building is progressing steadily and all of us are anxiously waiting for it..all we need are books!

This is our school football team. They always make us proud. Go! Boys Go!

Lunch time! Children and a teacher displaying some of the many plates and pots we bought from our donation from Louie and Heidi. These women are great friends of the school.

Lunch time continues... a time of interaction and play for the children!

Marvellous school choir. Entertaining the friends and parents. We use the piano we got as a donation from Malambo Grassroots to blend our music.

Our children are slowly being introduced to computer. Many of them it is the first seeing a computer in their lives. They are eager to learn and want to go high. We have 4 computers in the school. One computer is equal to 12 pupils.

This is a grade four class. Eager to learn. All they need is a dedicated teacher to be with them. Jameson is a well able teacher.

The teacher is in class with the senior grade. Children are motivated when they see teachers who are self motivated and full of energy. The sky is the limit for the children of St. Vincent De Paul community school.