A report from Jocelyn Banyard on the excellent women’s workshop she ran this past summer in Zambia!

“Even though women in Africa often shoulder the bulk of the financial responsibility in raising children or maintaining a household, they often lack basic knowledge of the financial services available to them, or the skills to manage their income wisely.
As well, women in the arts often work in isolation, or their work remains invisible to the rest society. The women’s workshop held in the Wayi Wayi studios was sponsored by Financial Sector Deepening Zambia (FSDZ) with the specific goal to educate women artists in how to reduce their financial risks and increase their access to basic services like banks, health and education. In this way, the aim is to include these Zambian women artists in one of the fastest-growing art markets in the world.
 The workshop and resulting exhibition were well covered by the press, both in print and in live news casts. This alone gave the fourteen artists unprecedented exposure and much-needed publicity.
 Since then, the women have organized a second exhibition. The workshop and exhibitions have motivated most of the women to network via social media and sell their work. There is already talk for another workshop in 2018.”