2017 Update

Hello from Malambo Grassroots!

Welcome to the 2017 Malambo Grassroots newsletter!

We’ve had a great year filled with many inspiring stories to share with you! Thanks to your continued support of our programs in Zambia we’ve had many happy success stories from our scholarship students, our women’s empowerment workshops, our entrepreneurs, and the larger community we work with!We are also happy to let our supporters know that we are now a member-project of both Rose Charities Canada and Rose Charities UK!

From the support of Rose Charities Canada and local and international donors to colleagues such as Sister Lontia and Mwabuka in Zambia and to those supporting us in other countries around the world, we cannot thank our donors enough.

Read on to learn more about what we’ve been up to and keep your eyes on your inbox for our fundraising letter which will detail our 2018 goals shortly!

Womens’ Workshop

In February, the Wayi Wayi studios in Livingstone hosted a women’s workshop themed “women’s financial inclusion.” This project was developed between Financial Sector Deepening Zambia (FSDZ), Jocelyn from Malambo Grassroots, and Zambian artist, Agnes Yombwe. The workshop was also lead by Esnart Mweemba, a traditional culture expert. Fourteen women artists from across Zambia gathered together for the two-week workshop. The event was a huge success!

Jocelyn showed the women how to use new techniques and materials to create more commercially-viable art. She also focused on how the women could market their work via social media.

At the end of the two weeks, an exhibition was held at the National Gallery, Lusaka.

As a result of the workshop, many of the women have better been able to sell their works thanks to their new social media skills. Since Jocelyn’s visit, there has been a second exhibition and talks are underway for a second workshop in the coming year! Congratulations all!

For more information, click HERE.

Our Scholarship Students

Our first university graduate!

Many of you will remember reading about Mweemba Matonga in our previous newsletters. Thanks to you and your regular sponsorship, this December, Mweemba will be our first university graduate! The ceremony will take pace December 20 and he will be graduating in Banking and Finance with top marks. We couldn’t be more proud! He has already started looking for work in his field and has received several offers. Of those, he has chosen to start with Stanbic Bank. We will keep you posted as he begins his career! We wish you all the best, Mweemba!

Our medical students!

Two of our scholarship students, Coreen Mweetwa and Iven Moonga, have just completed their first practicum at Macha Mission Hospital in Choma. Coreen and Iven are both studying Nursing at Rusangu University.

Coreen says: “Our duty as nurses is to help those people who are not able to do things on their own. During my first practicum, I was somehow taken back because I didn’t know much about practice but when we got there my worries were cleared because I found people were ready to help… in class we imagine things to be very difficult but when we were told to demonstrate it was easy. I really love the experience I’m going through…I just pray the sponsors should continue because I want to be a nurse with a difference.”

And Iven says this about his practicum: “Despite it being the first experience working in a hospital environment, I was able to adapt and learn as much as I could. In the first few days, minor challenges included anxiety…at the end of it all, I was able to allay anxiety and perform to my level best. One week later, I became so familiar with work such that I was even able to work in the Operating Theater, Obs & Gyn and many more other departments… I wish to learn more and acquire much experience even as we will be going for a six months placement in Livingstone Central Hospital next year April.”


St. Vincent de Paul Elementary School for Orphans and Children at Risk

We continue to support programs at the St Vincent de Paul school, as well as scholarships for ten students who are now in high school and two in college. In 2018, we also hope to expand this support to sponsor two more college students.

This year, St Vincent’s head teacher, Sr Lontia, has overseen the building of a food canteen, the expansion of the school library, and a vegetable garden which both feeds the children and teaches them valuable agricultural skills. While we were able to assist with the library, Sr.Lontia as taken the other projects on with her own initiative! After the loss of a long-time food sponsor, Sr Lontia has currently secured a new temporary sponsor, but continues to search for a long-term solution so that she can continue to feed the children. Without the school and St Vincent’s scholarship program, many of these students would have no hope of an education, or even a dependable source of food. We feel honoured to work with Sr Lontia and all her teachers.

This year, Malambo Grassroots started an information exchange between Monze’s St Vincent de Paul school and Hume Elementary School in Nelson, BC. To start, Malambo volunteer, Antonia (Toni) Banyard, gave a slideshow on Zambia and the St Vincent school to the Grade 2/3 class from Hume School to introduce them to what life is like for students in Monze. Similarly, Toni gave the Grade 2 class of St Vincent a display of photographs of Hume Elementary School, so the students could learn about the class in Canada. Hume School and St Vincent School plan to continue this learning exchange. A fantastic program!

On the ground in Monze, Sr.Lontia is busy as usual with a full school year! Many of the children we sponsor there are on their way to high school, or getting ready to write exams. We wish them all the best!

Ngoma Dolce Music Academy

Our Ngoma Dolce music scholarship students are all doing well!

We are also very grateful to the music community in London for several lovely instrument donations which are now in, or en route to, Zambia. The students are so grateful and we thank you for the continued donations!
In 2017 there were three music scholarship students supported by Malambo Grassroots.
They come from Chibelo Primary School, a state-run school 1km from the Academy.
They come in on Tuesday afternoons for individual lessons. The students are:

  • Chaange Chilo who is 11 years old and is in Grade 7
  • Paul Msiska, who is also 11 years old and in Grade 6
  • Gift Mwape, also 11 years old and in Grade 6 as well

Click HERE to read more about each individual student.

Individual lessons are not enough. Students need to learn to play together in groups, and Ensemble Week is the opportunity for them to do this. Although the three Malambo Grassroots scholars were too junior to perform in these groups this year, with your ongoing support, this is part of the programming that these gifted students have to look forward to!

Story Quilts

In July, the Malambo Women’s Group sewed some new “story quilts” to add to the ones they’d created in the mid- and late-1990s.The quilts are both a record of local Tonga tradition and history, and an income-generating project for the women.

Malambo volunteers Marylee and Antonia Banyard, who visited Zambia this year, collected traditional stories and family recollections from local villagers. These were then illustrated with appliqué squares embroidered by the Malambo Women’s Group. The squares were sewn into story quilts and displayed at a celebration for the local community in August.

A Local Entrepreneur!

We are very proud of Rabson Kambwali, one of Malambo’s first students. Rabson is now an entrepreneur as a driver, tour guide, translator, and importer-exporter. In August, Rabson was proud to write his final exams for Grade 12 — along with his wife and oldest daughter!

Rabson continues to give back to his community. Over the years, he has helped us build several rooms for the Malambu Basic school, as well as houses for teachers and other community buildings. He has recently started building dormitories for students who go to Monze college. On top of this, he runs a mechanics shop, imports vehicles into Zambia, and acts as our cultural guide. We are very proud of Rabson for all of his successes!

Thank You!

Once again, thanks to you, all of our generous sponsors, for making such a enormous difference in the lives of so many Zambians.

Our fundraising letter will be sent out shortly, which will detail more specific fundraising goals for 2018. Your support is valued from simply reading our newsletter to financial contributions!

With gratitude,
Jocelyn, Heidi, Sarah, Toni, and Marylee