Did You Know?

Did you know that…..
  • Zambia is a land-locked country in southern Africa.
  • Zambia has 72 tribes and hundreds of languages.
  • For the most part, Zambia has had a peaceful history unlike many of the surrounding countries.
  • Malambo works in Southern Province, Monze and the surrounding area, as well as the capital Lusaka. We have also worked in Siavonga.
  • The majority of Malambo projects are with the Tonga people.
  • Most of the people we work with live in rural communities in homes that are made of mud with thatch roofs. ┬áThere is no electricity and many walk long distances for water.
  • Zambia has been in a decade-long drought cycle, making farming very difficult.
  • Staple foods include corn, pumpkin and tomato.
  • Zambia is rated 141 in the 2013 Human Development Index (Congo is 140 and Bangladesh 142)
  • Life expectancy at birth in 2014 was 53.
  • Copper, emeralds, zinc, lead and cobalt are all found in Zambia.
  • The Total Adult Literacy rate for 2008-2012 was 61.4%.
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