Who We Are

Malambo Grassroots was started by Marylee Banyard and Jocelyn Banyard in 1992.  Born and raised in Zambia, Marylee and Jocelyn began Malambo with a desire to create change in the community they lived in.  They started with a women’s co-op, expanded into re-training, and community conversations and education sessions. These conversations brought the idea of financial  independence and income stream feasibility to the local women. Their work expanded into a partnership with family member, Thea Savory and her Dutch charity, Stichting Mwabuka which allowed the charity to expand into a scholarship program for high school students, and tackling school infrastructure.

While still working with Mwabuka today, the Malambo Grassroots team has also grown to beyond the borders of Zambia! Heidi Krutzen and Sarah Taylor have joined this small but formidable team!  They are involved with several projects on the ground in Zambia, as well as fundraising, and administration.

While still continuing to work with the original women’s group from , over 20 years ago, Malambo Grassroots’ work has expanded to include school projects, scholarships, music education, and many other income generating projects!

With this small team, our colleagues in Zambia, and our generous donors, our little charity that could

To read more about the Banyard family history and their work in Zambia click here.

As well, since 2009, Malambo Grassroots has been a member-project of Rose Charities Canada. Rose Charities is a group of charities working around the globe. Please feel free to visit the Rose International website and find out about the Rose Charities network in your area!

Malambo Grassroots is 100% volunteer run!