Community Learning

Many of the small businesses and education programs we support are in two villages, Mujika and Kayuni East, neighbouring the Moorings Farm and the village on the farm itself.  Every year as we work with these women, men and children, we find programs to assist the community in general. With the Malambo Women, we have hosted a variety of workshops on topics close to the hearts of locals in the area. As we serve buns and juice, the events are social but also educational as we have brought in guest facilitators and speakers to discuss topics such as gender issues, rights of the child, child abuse, marital relations, inheritance, agriculture, the environment, AIDS, and alcohol abuse. With our 20th anniversary this year, we are able to reflect on the work we have done, and also how much work there is still to do.

Some of the workshops have even been recorded by Yvonne Ndaba, who has a local radio show. While keeping the anonymity of the women, Yvonne has been able to share the stories and feelings of the Monze women with other areas of Zambia, allowing the community learning to spread.

Zambia is moving forward very quickly, and the parents of the children in our rural schools often have little formal education themselves. They feel out of touch with what their children are learning.  We would like to help change this cycle by having parents participate more on all levels of their children’s education, supporting them both emotionally and financially.

Next year,our goal is to continue our Community Learning projects with Mr. Mwanza Malambo, a retired ex-teacher,magistrate and, mediator.  As a facilitator, Mr Malambo will help bridge the gap between parents and teachers, to create a supportive environment for the children to thrive in as they move forward with their education.