Musical Education

The Ngoma Dolce Music Academy

The Ngoma Dolce Music Academy in Lusaka is our newest partner -project!  Malambo Grassroots was introduced to this wonderful academy two years ago.  The academy is the culmination of co-director Moses Kalomo’s life-long dream to allow children the opportunity to study music, an opportunity that he struggled to find as a child.

One of the challenges in Zambia is finding musical instruments. As a result there are many choirs and very few instrumentalists.  With immense gratitude from the Vancouver music community, Malambo Grassroots was able to collect over 100 instruments, music, books, CDs, strings, reeds, and all accessories needed to help the Ngoma Dolce Academy build their instrument program.  The container is due to arrive in Lusaka any day.

We are also extremely grateful to the Chen Family for their very generous scholarship donation to bring the joy of music to young Zambian children who would otherwise not have the opportunity to study music.  The Chen Family Scholarship Fund has already started to benefit students with a weekend long workshop at the Academy involving students from Kamulanga High School and Lusaka Girls Basic School.

Future plans include visiting professors, distance learning, and exchange programs with schools in Canada. We continue to fundraise for donations to sustain the scholarship fund and to purchase more instruments for the Academy.