Elementary Schools

Malambu Basic School

20 years ago we visited the government school built on our family farm in Zambia. We met a teacher outside with his class, drawing the school lessons with a stick in the sand. He had chalk but no chalk board, and no other supplies. The situation was desparate for this small school that served 3 communities.

Malambu Basic is the oldest school in the area. It is an underfunded rural Government school about 16km north of Monze, Zambia. There are about 250 students from Grades 1 to 7, and an inadequate number of teachers. Many of the children are orphans or half orphans.

For years we could not work with the school as the administration was poor. Then we got lucky! Administration changed and the school is now run by a dedicated team – a team Malambo Grassroots is thrilled to partner with.

Together, we have built several toilets blocks, a bath house, a kitchen, two teachers’ houses and are currently laying foundations for a library/computer room, hoping soon to receive electricity. Every year, when we go back, we meet with teachers to discuss their needs, and slowly, as funding allows, we have brought up their complement of books, paper and teacher aids.

There is still a long way to go.

The world is changing fast and children from the rural areas of Zambia need access to things like computers, electricity, libraries, and water in order to understand and compete in this changing environment. Without assistance they will be left further and further behind. Our goal is to provide them with a strong educational base to stand on their own feet as adults.

St. Vincent de Paul School

St. Vincent de Paul is an elementary school dedicated to at risk, half and full orphaned children.

Sr.Lontia and her staff provide an environment of great leadership, warmth, and generosity. The children attend class, and have small responsibilities such as helping pick beans that will be used in their lunch or making small bags to be sold at market to help sustain the school.  School programs include music and dance, and the children also receive one meal a day, for many their only meal. 

Since we began working with St. Vincent’s in 2010, we have contributed to art projects and much needed school supplies.  This year we began a small scholarship program to support students with their continuing education.  In Zambia, school children pay for school from Grade 8 on, so for many of St. Vincent’s graduates, continuing school is often not an option.  We hope through supporting these children with their continuing education, that we can make a difference.  Sr. Lontia is thrilled to be running this scholarship program for her former students.

Katulumba Community School

Katulumba Community School is a non-governmental school being built by members of a disadvantaged community in Fishing Camp, Siavonga, Zambia.  The largely squatters community of Fishing Camp, population 3000, only has an employment rate of 3%.  Even so the community has decided to build their children a school so that these little kids do not drop out of school, and do not have to walk 1.5 hours across a busy town, to go to the only government school available.   Block by block, with materials donated by local businesses and labor provided by community members, a school is slowly being built.   To date they have built classrooms to grade 3 and already they have 300 students and 3 teachers.  They hope to eventually build to grade 8.

There is enormous need here.  The dream is big, the community very poor. 

Malambo Grassroots wants to help this school as they move toward their goal of becoming a government school, and therefore, receive government funding.