• Malambo Grassroots is a completely volunteer-run organization, operating out of Canada and Zambia. All funds raised go directly towards assisting Zambian locals. We work with the local communities to address their ongoing needs, focusing on education and income-generating projects.
  • We are Zambians, Canadians and Dutch working together with our friends and family in the Monze, Siavonga, and Lusaka regions of Zambia. Malambo Grassroots started as an initiative of the Savory-Banyard families and was based out of the Moorings Farm near Monze, Zambia.
  • Malambo Grassroots is a member-project of Rose Charities Canada, a registered, non-profit organization with the Canada Revenue Agency, registration number: 859442303RR0001. Registered under section 7 (1) of the Societies Act of the Republic of Zambia, dated at Lusaka the 14th day of March, 2002.


  • Southern Zambia, where the BaTonga people live. We have expanded beyond the Monze district to other rural communities in southern Zambia.
  • We work with students and women from the nearby Mujika village, we recently began a project in Lusaka, and are beginning a new initiative further south, in Siavonga on Lake Kariba.
  • The name “Malambo” is the ChiTonga word for the area around Monze and the Moorings Farm, where Malambo Grassroots began.


  • In 1992 Zambia was part of the devastating drought that hit sub-Saharan Africa, resulting in total crop failure and hunger especially for the rural poor. We were desperate to do something on our old family farm in Monze, and started our income-generating program, the Malambo Women’s Group. Besides income-generating projects, we now also work closely with groups focused on education. One example of this is our work with the local government school Malambu Basic, which also serves the students and villagers from nearby Mujika and Kayuni. We have also expanded into projects in Lusaka, Monze township and Siavonga.


  • Our projects assist Zambians as they work toward making a better life for themselves and their families in a drought-stricken part of the country. We focus on income-generating projects, education, community programs, and emergency assistance. We are volunteers and have no administrative overheads as we live and work without any operating expenses. The Netherlands government provided funding in 2002 to build a Centre for the women, out of which we operate much of the time. We have several groups now, and host workshops for the community. We fundraise in Canada, and are always thankful for the support and help of donors and the many active people who join us. It is through them that we manage to fund our projects.

Chickens are kept in huts on stilts. Malambo village.