Twalumba! (Thank You!)

Our Sponsors

Since our start 20 years ago, our projects could not even have been attempted, let alone completed, without the help of many who have donated funds, time and materials to the communities where we work.

Individual Sponsors

We would like to thank (in alphabetical order by last name):

A Dean Alexander, Mary Anderson, Joanne and Simon Ashby, Brent Akins, Elizabeth and Rob Arnold  B Mary Backun, Morrie Backun, Cathy Baehm, Antonia Banyard, Josephine Banyard, Lisa Barker, Ariel Barnes, Ellie Gorka Barta,  Vivian Baumgartner, Serena Baylis, Don Beaton, Leslie Beaton, Angela Beer, Jack Biller, Joan and Larry Blackman, Julia Bonnett, Monica Brammer, Judy Brown, Mary Bruneau, Jane Bruner, MC Brunet, Paul Bryan, Kira and Natasha Burns, Paul and Heather Burt C Glennis Camileri, Jo Carkner, Lynn Carlson, Chen Family, John Chilton, Mary Christopher, James Colpitts, Heather and Tony Cottrell, Adrien Coxe, Patricia Clapp, Hanneke Corbet, Susan and Jim Cracraft, Denise Crowley, Helen Cunningham, Mark Curry D Les Dala, Josephine de Freitas, Marnie DeVries, Douglas deWeese, Genzine Doorman, Sharon Drew E June Earle, Patrick Earle, Ray Emerson F Olga Fernandes, Mike and Liz Fernandez, Tony Ferraro, Martin Fisk, Kenneth Friedman, David Friesen G Karen Gerbrecht, Amie Gibbons, Andrew and Barbara Ann Gibbons, Chris Gibbons, Angela Gielen, Cindy Given, Cindy Goodman, Christine Gould, Vern Griffiths H Poul Hansen, David Harding, Bob and Catherine Hargreaves, Marc Hasenauer, Heather Hay, Paul Headrick, Martha Lou Henley, Phyllis and Bill Henthorne, Melissa Hodges, Bonnie Holland, Catherine Hopkins, Alys Howe and Brian  I Bob Isaac J Marni Jacquest, Michael Jamieson, Bill Johnston, June Johnston, Rose Johnson, Camill Josef, David Joy K Les Kasprzak, Sharman King, Anabelle and Jim Kirkland, Gloria Klein, Heilwig von Koenigsloew, Mavis Kreuger, Coco and Hans Krutzen, Erica Krutzen, Heidi Krutzen, Patricia Krutzen, Susan Kurtz L Mr. and Mrs. Allan Laird, Sue Lavelle,Jan Leard,Linda Lee, Ronan Lee,Jim Littleford M Dr. John and Nancy Mackay, Heather MacKenzie, Madelyne Mackenzie, Matthew MacKenzie, Colleen Macmillan, Bernadette Mah, Katherine Mansfield, Chris Matyja, Mariette McElroy, Lorna McGhee, Jim McGibbon, Dr. Colin and Irene McIlwaine, Faye McMyn, Marilyn and Stu McNeill, Cordelia Merritt, Ingrid and Bob Meyers, Loli Mikkleson, June Mills, Meryl Mills, Carol Milne, Carolyn Moore, Tim Moore, Bob Morrish, Bruce and Lois Morrison, Sarah Mounsey, Marcella Mugford, Christine Mugo, Pearl Mulberry, Tom and Joan Murphy, Rod Murray, Tisha Murvihill N Jennifer Nash, Jacky Neufing, Agnes Notte O Will Oghouse, Nathan O’Hara, Irene Orbeliani, Beth Orson,David Owen P Doreen Paddon, John Pantages, Nick Perry, Ruth Pestell, Maria Pettersen, Diane Phalen, Rhiannon Pierce, Joan Pope, Mike and Ollie Pritchard R Eldon Reynolds, Gloria Riebin, Dirk and Karen Rinehart-Pidcock, Penny Riordan, Mr. and Mrs. Roberts, Harriet and John Robertson, Pedro Romero S Lee Savory, Sylvia Schoch, Bruce Seto, Judy Sewell, Tom Shorthouse, Genevieve Siddons, Joan Silvey, Wendy Simpson, Carol Slater, Alison Sloan, Norma Smith, Colin Spence, Keith Spivac, Christine Spooner, Roy and Wiebke Spooner, Mabel Stainton, Margaret Stegman, Chiara Switzer T Edward Tait, Sarah Taylor, Ralph Terpstra,Leslie Tessman, Betty Therriault, Scott Thompson, Mila Tymoshenko V Michael Varelas, Monique Varelas , Janine Vertone W Dr. and Mrs. Warner, Shirley Warner, Colin Weinmaster, Sandra Willing, Paula Wise, Kitty Wright and cousin, Shirley White, Melodie Woods

…for their generous support!

Organizations that have supported our projects:

The following organizations have contributed with funding, furniture and equipment, which has enabled the construction of the Malambo Centre , the educational upgrade for the Malambu School, and various other projects:

Aid to Artisans

Anglican Church of Canada, Balfour, BC, Canada

Anglican Church of Canada, Castlegar, BC, Canada

Anglican Church Women, Nelson, BC, Canada

Annick Press, Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON, Canada

Annie B. Jamieson Elementary String Program,

Birdseye Enterprises

Book Warehouse

Camel Productions, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Canadian Federation of University Women, Nelson, BC, Canada

Canadian Music Center

Catholic Women, Trail, BC, Canada

Coleshill Infant School

Davies Health Care

Dutch Embassy – Zambia

Fidelity Investments

Franca Organics

Government of the Netherlands

Hope Haven Canada Ministries

House of Words

KCM Luthiery

Kootenay Quilters’ Guild, Nelson, BC, Canada

Laura Tiberti Foundation

Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Massullo Music

MJM Contact Lens ~ Sonja

Mohr-Gallerani and More Films, Los Angeles, California, USA

North Vancouver Youth Band/West Vancouver Youth Band

Northwest Music Services Limited

Ocean Pacific Medical

Pacey’s Pianos

Pangea Logistics Inc.

Rose Charities

Rotary International, Nelson, BC, Canada

Salmon’s Transfer

Scenic Oasis Films

St. Georges Junior School

St. Saviour’s Sunday School

Staccato Studios

Tapestry Music

Toronto music community

Unity Centre of the Kootenays, Nelson, BC, Canada

Urban Yarns

Vancouver Academy of Music

Vancouver Film Industry, the set decorators

Vancouver Sewing Guild

Vanderluit and Associates

Velle’s Furniture ~ Mark

Verry Kerry

York House School, Vancouver, BC

Our work is grassroots, with the people in Zambia helping us, help them, with the immense on-the-ground work. It has been our great pleasure to deal with them during these years.